Case study – Lubavitch Multi Academy Trust

The IT overhaul that makes children safe, and teachers more efficient

The background

The London-based Lubavitch Multi Academy Trust (MAT) comprises three schools: junior boys, junior girls and senior girls schools. Formed in April 2018, it is the first Jewish faith MAT.

Serving around 100 pupils in each school, the Trust has 120 staff and an annual budget of more than £1.3 million.

While raising pupil standards, the Trust is also on a mission to increase the number of pupils, reduce costs and find efficiencies.

The MAT asked ITgroo to overhaul its IT infrastructure and provide ongoing maintenance to ensure the schools operate in an efficient manner.

The challenge

The quality of IT has become an incredibly important factor in the education sector, with schools making use of online and cloud services more and more.

Teachers require fast, reliable and efficient internet connectivity to carry out their

work. Unlike traditional workplaces, where staff log on to their IT systems at different times of the day, pupil lessons start simultaneously, putting extra strain on networks and servers that have not been designed properly.

Classes and examinations increasingly use online software. And, by law, schools must digitally store copies of pupils’ completed test papers for a number of years.

Of course, online and offline security is of paramount importance – not only in keeping children safe and secure online, but also in protecting them within school grounds.

The approach

ITgroo provides a comprehensive 24/7 IT service for the Trust.

This includes a full cloud infrastructure to enable the schools to back up their data and store large files with ease.

It also includes the installation and maintenance of the on-site infrastructure, including broadband services, network, servers, and full cabling of the schools.

The company offers the school full protection through the use of anti-virus software, as well as the maintenance of previously-installed telephone, CCTV and access control systems.

MAT also gets full GDPR compliance, with ITgroo offering the role of onsite Data Protection Officer as a service to the schools.

Thanks to the sophisticated and efficient IT infrastructure that has been developed, all of the schools’ computers run on ‘smart boards’ meaning they can be maintained and updated remotely.

The results

ITgroo has become a trusted partner for the MAT’s schools.

The IT infrastructure has been completely streamlined throughout the three school buildings, with everybody benefitting from reliable broadband, networks and servers.

And because ITgroo is a Microsoft authorised partner, the Trust was able to get preferential discount prices on the licences for its computers.

“ITgroo has completely overhauled our IT infrastructure, giving us peace of mind that our pupils are using the best technology – and are kept safe and secure online,” says Mrs H. Freeman, the acting headteacher at Lubavitch Junior Boys School.

“The ITgroo team is always on hand to deal with issues that might arise, leaving us to get on with what we do best, and that is teaching.”

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