Case study – Lubavitch House

Boosting network speed for all users of multi-use London venue

The background

Nestled in the heart of Stamford Hill, London, Lubavitch House is the headquarters of the Orthodox Jewish Hasidic movement Chabad-Lubavitch in the UK

The venue hosts a wide range of activities, including educational and vocational sessions, groups for children, swimming, religious studies and celebrations. It is also a synagogue, library and bookshop.
The House is not restricted to members of the Lubavitch community. In fact, most people using the centre are from the wider community, both Jewish and non-Jewish, from the local area and from all corners of the UK.
The central coordination of national Chabad-Lubavitch activities is done in the offices of Lubavitch House, with 19 employees looking after executive, administrative, finance and accountancy, fundraising and outreach activities.

The challenge

All of the activities, group sessions and facilities hosted by Lubavitch House place a huge demand on its IT network, especially at peak times when network traffic regularly slows down to a snail’s pace.
At these times, multiple requests are made to the servers. And even though there is ‘load balancing’ is in place, the extremely large demands placed not he system was creating ‘bottle-necking’ for the network traffic – making it extremely inefficient and cumbersome to make the best of IT across the venue.

The approach

We helped Lubavitch House source UniFi network equipment which has a lot offer for large- and medium-sized organisations. Its enterprise range is cutting edge technology, but at a reasonable price.
With six physical individual networks in the building, we concluded that the best course of action was to implement a Star Network Topology with double Cat 7a cables to each of the networks.
This meant that the entire network would converge to a dedicated 10GB conversion switch, and in turn, to the 10GB Gateway with fibre cables. This would provide a 10GB backbone to the venue’s system, eliminating any bottlenecks to the server requests coming from across the House.

The results

Thanks to the new 10GB network backbone, users are experiencing a much improved and faster network. This has improved the time it takes to sign-in and start roaming, as well as data transfer, by around 90%, giving users of the House more time to spend on lessons and work.
Filip Slipaczek, who runs a chartered financial planning practice out of Lubavitch House, says that it’s imperative to have the most up-to-date systems and networks in place to handle its client and staff database. “It is a peace of mind for us that ITgroo handles these matters and stays on top of any technological advances in the ever-changing world of IT,” he says.
“During our relationship with ITgroo, they have enhanced our computer systems, network, phone systems and CCTV. Not only that, but they have also set up two offices for us, installing cabling and networks in both a succinct and diligent manner.
“Their professionalism and attention to detail is second to none – and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them for their fantastic service.”

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