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Case study – Firetree Chocolate Ltd

Sound advice to get Firetree factory off the ground

The background

Chocolate manufacturer Firetree Chocolate Ltd is on a mission to change people’s understanding of chocolate, championing a much more sustainable process that gives customers better understanding of what it takes to make its bars of chocolate.

The company supports cacao farmers in the Caribbean to roast their own cocoa beans and create their own chocolate, with nothing going to waste along the supply chain.

The challenge

The business has established a new chocolate factory in Peterborough to create high-end chocolate for the wholesale market. The premises, a 12,000 square foot industrial warehouse on the outskirts of the town, created 10 new jobs.

Our task was to help design a network infrastructure that would help the business succeed and thrive in what is a truly competitive market. The job would also include implementing industrial CCTV camera systems, as well as giving advice on software and internet security.

The approach

Given this was a brand new venture, we had to start from scratch, and the initial client consultation focused on recommendations and advice as to a way forward that would enable the business to kick-start operations and succeed for the long term.
Important decisions such as where best to locate the Network cabinet, and how many network points would be needed now and for future expansion needed to be taken.
We also advised on the optimal CCTV cameras and locations, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phones, wifi access point locations, the best Windows and anti-virus security software, and data storage options, including on-premise and cloud.

The results

The client was very impressed with our ideas and assistance. We approach any project, no matter how big or small – from home office to restaurants, and in this case in an industrial warehouse – with the same dedication. always has the mindset for practicality and effectiveness. We keep things simple and make it easy to understand for our clients.
We do the groundwork, we clarify the project requirements and the project scope. We plan the infrastructure for our clients to expand and succeed.
We use the latest technology and implement the best internet security, therefore helping the business to run safely and securely.
We use the latest technology and implement the best internet security, therefore helping the business to run safely and securely.

For Firetree Chocolate, we provided a hybrid infrastructure for storage and backup, ensuring the data is secure and easily assessable.

We gave advice on where best to position the CCTV cameras and wifi hotspots, and also provided VPN’s for off-site access so that clients can work from home in a safe environment.
The business was truly impressed with the service and guidance we offered, making it easy for it to run the new business smoothly, cost effectively and safely.

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